Fall Ball

One Saturday last October, the Twin Poplars house was all a buzz and the words of the day was FALL BALL!

Teri was excited when she got up until the time she went to bed.
Teri got up and did her usual routine but we added getting the bike done in the morning.  She was tired from getting up so early that she took a bit of a nap and then got up and ate lunch, did her exercises, and got ready for the BALL.  Teri was very patient and calm while getting her hair braided by a staff, Lissette and waiting for me to finish curling her housemate’s hair so that I could curl hers.  She did such a great job waiting.
Teri loved seeing the picture of the back of her hair and kept wanting to look in the mirror.
Teri picked out her dress the day before; she got dressed and she was ready to go.  She wanted to dance with so many people and wanted pictures by anyone who stopped by to say hi.  Unfortunately my camera died and so these pictures are all I have.
Please enjoy!!  Know that she had a lot of fun and she was ready to go at 8:30p.  We got home and she would not let us take her braid out or put a pony or anything in, she kept saying tomorrow.  I am so glad she had so much fun being pampered.
-Stacey H, Program Director

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