River Bluffs Start

Great River Bluffs State Park

On August 19th, I had the privilege of taking the Meadow Hills guys to Great River Bluffs State Park. It is located just south of Winona on the bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River. We had a great time, and highly recommend it to others! The hiking trails lead to several scenic overlooks, with panoramic views of the river and surrounding valleys. Although there are some rocks and roots along the trail that can be a trip hazard, it is overall an even hike, with little climbing or descents, so accessible to anyone able to walk up to or over half a mile or so. Some trails are longer, and all are worth the effort, as you will see. This made an excellent day trip and we are definitely going back to enjoy the fall colors! See for yourself!

Sue Dreher, RS Meadow Hills

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