ARRM Day at the Capitol

In 2019, Terry took a trip to the Minnesota Capitol for ARRM Day with DSP John. It was a day that he would always remember. The Covid Pandemic put a damper in Terry’s ultimate goal to attend each year, thereafter. Attending virtually just wasn’t the same. 

Terry was ecstatic when he learned that he would be given the opportunity to attend again this year! You see, Terry is a history buff. He has an abundance of knowledge about World history and he is a tremendous advocate for the disabled community. It is no wonder he jumped at the opportunity to attend ARRM Day at the Capitol on March 28th 2023. 

Terry attended Disability Day at the Capitol with DSP Corina. Corina has also been a longtime advocate of the disabled community. She took a job as a supervisor at a group home, just after graduating high school.  Thirty some years later, Corina is at the heart of Cardinal of Minnesota as a DSP, doing what she loves. 

Terry and Corina took a bus up to the cities with other local companies, advocating for the disabled community. Terry was thrilled to see some old friends and staff he knew from working at ABC in the past. However, his absolute favorite part of the day was visiting with the senators and advocating for his peers and staff. Terry’s main argument was in regard to increasing staff pay in an attempt to save the services he currently receives. Terry is well aware of the staffing shortage (crisis) that is currently taking place. Terry urged that having adequate staffing would allow him to continue to do the things he loves such as attending Special Olympics, movies at the local theatre, and sporting events, big and small.  

At the Capitol, a Rounda Rally was held from 10am-11am. All three floors were packed with advocates chanting “Invest in Us!” The numbers were amazingly breathtaking. It had, after all, been three years since the last in-person gathering. Terry proudly showcased a new stocking cap highlighting the theme “Invest in US.” He also wore his button and waved his flag for the occasion. 

Terry had the pleasure of meeting a couple senators. One of those senators was Kim Hicks. Kim is actually a former DSP at Cardinal of Minnesota. She dedicated 19 wonderful years to Cardinal. Karla Nelson was another senator that Terry conversed with. She urged Terry to continue writing to the legislators for a change. 

What’s more, Terry and Corina created a big bright sign that Terry graciously gave to a senator. Terry and Corina signed the back and wrote “Cardinal of Minnesota 2023.” 

Thank you to Terry, Corina, and all of the other advocates for doing the disabled community proud!  

Danielle Stortz RS/PD – Forestview

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