Heroes work here!

The REAL Heroes Behind the Mask


When you think of a Superhero, what comes to mind? What truly defines a Superhero? Is it their ability to soar through the night sky? Do they fight the “bad guys” and make all things wrong, right? Is it their flashy costumes and their chiseled abs? Let’s dig deeper.


By definition, a Superhero is someone who possesses extraordinary abilities or (supernatural) powers and performs heroic actions. These individuals’ actions or achievements are far greater than what people expect.


Superheroes have vast knowledge, skills, and abilities to take on whatever task is presented to them. They have a mission. They have a vision. They have values. They take satisfaction in delighting others. Lastly, they go above and beyond. Superheroes give it their all.


Does this description seem familiar to you? It should. At Cardinal of Minnesota, we LOVE our Superheroes. Superheroes come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and forms.


These faces may look like ordinary individuals to you, but they are so much more than that. These are the faces of the DSP’s at Forestview. Each one is a truly amazing individual.


The past couple years have really changed healthcare. Many new challenges were brought forth. One thing that hasn’t changed is these DSP’s ability to care for and love their clients with their whole heart.


I am truly grateful for these DSP’s laying it all on the line while they’ve been on the front line. YOU are the real Superheroes!

Danielle Stortz, Forestview RS

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