It’s always fun celebrating Birthdays!

Dennis and Jody certainly had a birthday surprise to remember this year. Jack and Pat both came down to help them celebrate. Dennis and Jody attend the local sales barn(s) three times per week. Dennis’ birthday happened to fall on a sale barn day. What did Dennis want to do on his birthday, you ask? Attend the fat cattle sale, of course. Pat and Jack threw on their work boots and joined the crew in Lanesboro for the sale. Dennis and Jody were both pleasantly surprised that the ladies in the cafe made them their very own birthday cakes as well. Dennis’ cake had a football on it, symbolizing the Minnesota Vikings. Obviously, Dennis is the biggest Vikings fan of all time. Jody’s cake had some cars on it. Those that know Jody know he loves vehicles of any model, year, or shape. On this day, memories were made to last a lifetime!

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