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The Big Red Bird Blog, named in honor of our giant 6′ avian mascot, is a great place to view photos and read about events put on or attended by the Cardinal family and clients. Read a few (or read them all!) and see if you can count the smiles!

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Scavenger Hunt

Michelle from Edgewood planned a spring scavenger hunt for the Winona Houses. Goodview’s team won with the most items pictured, number of clients in the pictures, and for their creativity!


Adventures with SPAM

Did someone say SPAM Museum? Jenni and Ruth from Cardinal Circle visited the SPAM Museum over the weekend. They had a great time!


Celebrating the Birthday Boy!!

Birthdays are always extra special days! Here are some memories of the Riverside guys celebrating Brian’s birthday!


Gnome fun!

Emma, the RS at South Park, and the clients got together for a craft day!: We had a blast making Gnomes. The ladies have mentioned to me several times, “we have never done anything like this” with such joy on their faces! This makes the bad days seem so much easier. Great job Emma!


Smoothie Fun

Emma and all of the staff at South Park try to keep the girls busy. This past year has been difficult for our clients so the special activities and fun are very important! Moments like these are the things that make it all worth it!